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Pyongyang has said if there is even a ‘slight sign’ of a simulated ‘pre-emptive strike’ against the North taking place during the joint exercise, it will use all the means of its army to hit back.
Marines are prepositioning battle tanks, artillery and logistics equipment inside caves as the U.S. pushes to station equipment near the NATO-Russia frontier.
President Barack Obama’s confused strategy in Syria means towns are now being fought over by different US-backed groups
Superstation95 claims Turkish military invasion of Syria is “Imminent.”
Tension between Russia and Turkey has reached a new peak as the two countries step up military action in Syria in support of opposing sides, edging closer to direct confrontation in the country’s increasingly internationalised war. The growing rift
Turkey on Monday accused Russia of an “obvious war crime” after missile attacks in northern Syria killed scores of people, and warned Kurdish militia fighters there they would face the “harshest reaction” if they tried to capture a town near the Turk
Foreign and defence ministers of the leading international states are meeting in Munich and Brussels following the collapse of the latest round of peace talks
After weeks of clashes, war between the two nuclear powers seemed right around the corner.
The Syrian army troops have carried out accurate operations against the gatherings and movements of terrorist organizations in Daraa city, destroying an ammunition cache and killing number of terrorists, according to military source.
Here’s a bit of Super Bowl trivia: North Korea’s newest satellite passed almost right over the stadium just an hour after it ended.

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