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My Thoughts on Y2K Written April 1999

This article was originally written in April of 1999 and posted to this very site. Apparently I was a little more concerned about Y2K than I remember. I guess I always thought that the year 2000 would bring some type of change. Little did I know, a short time after that it seems the entire world changed anyway in September 2001.

Y2K – The End of Everything or Beginning of Nothing?

You know, sometimes I wonder if there is anything to this end of the world Y2k thing. The feeling on the net is that it is a real problem, but sometimes I wonder. I do not understand where all of this started, but I do remember doing the math to see how old I would be on the eve of the year 2000, back when I was seven. Why I did this, I do not know. Was it something built in to my subconscious? Or is it something we just all wonder about?

I think it may be something that is embedded in all of us from the very beginning. Some kind of genetic coding in ourselves makes us believe that the world is going to dramatically change come Y2K. Why would programmers, who are very smart, miss such an obvious bug in their coding? Is it because they wanted to take a shortcut, or do they all know deep down that there will never be a need for a computer after the fateful day?

We base our years before and after Jesus Christ. All over the world things are calculated by a man that most people say was the “Son of God”. We have based our calculations and our calendars by whether or not it was Before Christ (bc) or After Death (ad) (give or take about 33 years). Our calendar dating is a relative term, and we have no real knowledge of what date is actually correct. There was a time a few hundred years ago that it was common to go from one place to another and it would be a different year when you arrived, even if the trip was one or two weeks. So, why is the year 2000 so important to so many people? I agree that it is something to look forward to, bringing in a new century and all, but how come many people do not look past that day?

I still get strange feelings when I hear someone talking about how NASA has plans to launch this mission or that mission in 2004. “Why would they plan that?” I think to myself. Then I have to snap back to reality and realize the world is not going to end, and that everything will be ok, because if a group of people such as NASA are planning things for after the year 2000 then I should too. Yet, there is always something in the back of my mind, something nagging at me to rethink everything, plan for the worst, get my money out of the bank and start buying non-perishable food. I do not know if others out there feel the same way, but it is an eerie struggle for me to plan past Y2K.

I hope that everything goes ok, and I urge people to be cautious about things. You need to watch what goes on around you. Even if there is no real “end of the earth and life as we know it”. There are legitimate problems with some of the computers we use every day, and if they are not fixed, they will not work correctly come 01/01/00. If we all prepare ourselves for the interruptions we will face and find a way to get past them without killing one another, I think everything will be ok.


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theUnusual • October 25, 2014

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