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Chinese paper makes Clinton Look Like Hitler

Chinese Paper Makes Clinton Look Like Hitler Written April 1999

Here is an original article I wrote in April of 1999. More doom and gloom from me, looking for something really bad to happen. It’s funny how I mention “red” phones and “black” money. Like I really¬† had some kind of credible information. At the time, most of the sources of new insider information on the internet seemed pretty legit. Oh well, enjoy.

Chinese Paper Makes Clinton Look Like Hitler

Chinese paper makes Clinton Look Like HitlerIt’s kind of funny to see the President of the nation you live in on the cover of a newspaper made to look like Hitler. What is even worse is it is not a joke, it is real. There are lots of people in the world today that are not very happy with our dear old president, and the actions he has taken (with NATO) against Yugoslavia.

Is Clinton doing the right thing? Only time will tell. His actions are not mine, as far as I am concerned. Our money could have been spent in a much better way than bombing and killing to stop someone from bombing and killing. We have homeless people living on the street just outside of the White House, yet they send planes full of food to people who don’t even live here. Our streets are not safe here either. Instead of people forcing us out of our homes, we have gangs and drug dealers killing kids in the street. Lets not stop any of that……we wouldn’t want to decrease the CIA budget, would we? Black money aside, I think this all to be a great loss of money and allies.

The Russians are mad because of the bombings, China makes Clinton out to be Hitler, Iraq is making deals with everyone they can. Where does the United States really stand in all of this? Are we blind to everything that may be going on? What secret “RED” phones are ringing, and what deals are going down behind our backs. I can accept that we probably know exactly what is happening, our spies are listening to every word. The American people will probably never know the truth about what is going down. Is there a reason to be concerned about any of this, I think there is.

I remember Orson Welles telling us “Do you really want to know the future?”, in The man who saw tomorrow, a video about Nostradamus and his prophecies. With that being said I leave you with this:

Taken from Century 10, Quatrain 72

In the year 1999 and seven months.
From the sky comes the Great King of Terror
He will bring back to life the Great King of Mongols
Before and after Mars reign by good luck.

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theUnusual • October 26, 2014

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