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ISIS terror thugs have forced a 12-year-old girl to execute five women including a doctor who refused to treat their wounded fighters.
Terror suspects spied on a nuclear researcher, filming him at his home, say investigators.
The terror group vowed retaliation for efforts to suspend ISIS-affiliated social media accounts
Is Rome really ISIS’s “ultimate trophy”?
A series of explosions in the Syrian cities of Homs and Damascus have left dozens dead, monitors and state media say.
A dramatic video shown on Iranian state TV, purporting to show a Hezbollah sniper shoot six ISIS soldiers, has been exposed as footage from the first-person shooter video game Medal of Honor.

The ten-member terror cell, whose members pledged allegiance to the so-called Islamic State (ISIS
The terror group is gaining ground in Libya. But the Obama administration has said no to a Pentagon plan to go after ISIS there.
Officials at Joint Special Operations Command had found the uncatchable man — they were sure of it.
Iraq is searching for “highly dangerous” radioactive material stolen last year, according to an environment ministry document and seven security, environmental and provincial officials who fear it could be used as a weapon if acquired by Islamic Stat

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