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I originally bought this domain name to create a site about UFO and paranormal happenings around the world. The site ran for 4 years and became a great resource online for pictures, video and original articles on the paranormal. I had several other paranormal sites linking to me and also created a brief banner exchange program called OddXchange.

Around 2003 I kind of forgot about the domain and stopped updating the site. I then lost the domain name when I forgot to renew it. For several years I regretted losing the domain and decided to do everything I could to get it back. In 2007 I caught the domain just as it was dropped and it was mine again.

The poor domain has been through a lot and there has been almost no content posted to it at all. I have now decided to recreate it in WordPress since the old back-end was written in ColdFusion. The old layout is very 90s and it deserves a refresh.

I also used to manage a web hosting company & internet service provider in the nineties and have all my backups from those years. I am starting to go through them to find interesting older personal and business websites and information to post.

Stay tuned for more information.

theUnusual • October 23, 2014

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