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Why Trump May Have Just Lost Some Quiet Supporters

There are many people who believe that Donald Trump’s attitude is exactly what we need in Washington. With so few viable choices in the race with a chance to win, I had convinced myself that Trump was the only person running that was most like myself. I liked Chris Christie and would have supported him, except for his stance on States rights. I like Ben Carson a lot too, I just don’t think he will be able to win. Cruz and Rubio have no appeal to me at all and just appear to be bought and paid for. Everyone else still in the race seems to be waiting on the money and support to run out. I hesitantly moved towards the Trump camp and had all but made up my mind that I would end up voting for him.

There were two things recently that have made me reconsider my vote for Donald Trump, and now I don’t think he is like me very much at all.


Donald Trump has blasted Apple for not unlocking the phone of the San Bernardino shooter. It was my understanding that they were not just asking for it to be unlocked, they wanted a custom version of the OS created with a back door. This would be a very dangerous piece of software and opens us up to serious privacy issues. I agree with Apple on this one, Trump loses me completely. We need a President who will protect the privacy of the average citizen. Opening back doors around encryption is too dangerous to trust the government with in my opinion.

I think Apple should help the FBI recover any information they can in this case as the perpetrator is dead and confirmed to have killed several people. Getting the data off of the phone could save many lives. I just don’t want the government or anyone else having backdoor access to encrypted communications at whim.


It appears that Donald Trump says a lot of things before doing much fact checking. Recently, at a campaign rally in North Charleston, S.C. he told the story of General Pershing dipping bullets in pig’s blood to thwart terrorist attacks in the Philippines around 1911. He then went on to tell the crowd: “By the way, this is something you can read in the history books — not a lot of history books because they don’t like teaching this.”

The problem with his story is that it is based on several different accounts with many different facts. This story is more than likely fictionalized and retold to suit several different situations based on the story teller. I don’t care if you want to tell a story to make a point. If the details are a little sketchy though, I firmly believe you should let the audience know. When a man who is running for President tells a story as fact, I should be able to tell it to others without fear of ridicule.

This tells me that Donald Trump may have a few beliefs in his mind that are based on rumor. I don’t want my President acting on anything but solid information. Otherwise, he could find himself in the same position as George W. Bush and the Iraq weapons of mass destruction Mr. Trump decided to bring up recently.

If these two things make you hesitant to place your vote for Trump, leave a comment and let everyone know. If you think I am wrong about Trump, let me know why.

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theUnusual • February 20, 2016

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