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The past isn't always what it seems to be.


Humans altered the Amazon rainforests for 2,000 years before building massive geoglyphs in the bamboo forests.
A stunning discovery in Kirovohrad region of Ukraine. The residents of a small village found a stone statue that is supposedly three thousand years old. The …
The trove of Cretaceous reptiles includes an early relative of the chameleon—the oldest yet discovered
An incomplete inscription might reopen the debate about the identity of the owner of the Alexander the Great-era tomb.
A 7-year-old Israeli boy is being hailed after finding a piece of history during a day trip to an archaeological site.
NINETY four years ago, Howard Carter opened Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb and exclaimed “wonderful things”. Now an Egyptian minister is promising his hidden chambers “will be a Big Bang — the discovery of the 21st century”.
A mysterious religious artifact has surfaced during renovations at Bethlehem’s famous Church of the Nativity, officials say.
The grim discovery has added some weight — and debate — to what was a tall but rather thin tale.
We might finally know why the Maya abandoned their impressive limestone cities about 1,000 years ago.
The hulking beasts were close cousins of adorable “pink fairy” armadillos.

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