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Ghosts and ghostly hauntings.


Supernatural forces on the set of one of our favorite ’80s comedies? Maybe…
A man claims to have filmed a ghostly figure in the ancient cathedral.
Taryn Manning got a visit from the ghost of movies past — her former co-star Brittany Murphy — right in the middle of her DJing gig … or at least she…
Two women from America recorded the footage which shows the page of a Bible standing upright.
Paranormal investigator Dean Johnson 48, visited the abandoned church with partner Charlie last Wednesday after reading about it on specialist websites
BOTHELL, Wash. — A Bothell man who says his home is haunted by poltergeists who turn over his furniture, burn his Bibles and throw objects says he finally has some answers. A team from the Scienti…
Despite an exterior presence that exudes a certain amount of common sense and belief in the scientific process, more than just about anything, I desperately want to see a ghost. I’m Scully in the streets, but Mulder in the sheets.
BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. — A South Carolina woman charged with murder told investigators that ghosts told her to kill her mother. On Monday Paula Lynn Anderson of North Charleston was charged with th…
While chatting with a friend, a spirit made itself known in a most defining way.
Gary Johnston recorded his experience for all to see after a remarkable night at the former Cheadle Royal Hospital in Stockport, Greater Manchester

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